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About us

Guerrero Santana

Our professional services firm was established in 2003
by a team of experts in:

Since that time, we have been helping clients – from individuals and small local businesses to major corporations and multinationals – to achieve their smallest aims and grandest ambitions.

With offices in:

We take much pride in our expertise in not onlyMexican trends, practices and regulation, but also in those of North America, Latin America and beyond.

Our extensive global network of professional service providers and systems allows us to guarantee exactly the support required, whether you’re an U.S. citizen looking for advice on residency and local tax, an European distributor requiring market analysis, or a Japanese manufacturer expanding into new territories.

Any need or objective you have, at Guerrero Santana we are committed to providing personalized and specialized services to all those looking for reliable advice on tax, legal and business updates.