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About us

Our International Network

Guerrero Santana is a member of Geneva Group International (GGI), an association of over 650 firms with 870 offices and more than 31,000 professionals worldwide, headquartered in Switzerland. In the latest ranking of auditing and consulting firms, it was ranked among the 6 best in the world, according to the International Accounting Bulletin.

Working in collaboration with the members of the GGI global network, Guerrero Santana has the ability to exchange updated information on local regulations, developments and strategies with experts and specialists from almost anywhere in the world.

Know-how and support on that scale is indispensible in an increasingly globalized world of business opportunity and offers clients a truly world-class and international service.

Geneva Group International

GGI joins a group of international, independent auditing, accounting, law and consulting firms with the joint potential to find the right solution for any specific problem and thus resolve any financial, legal and fiscal problems that may arise. GGI’s extensive international coverage gives customers access to high quality companies in many countries around the world.

The GGI alliance gives members and their clients access to GGI member firms, which are recognized locally as leaders in their particular field.

International Presence

In today’s international markets, having a strong presence is essential for large and small businesses. That is why international contacts are so important. A deep understanding of local legal and tax differences is essential for companies to succeed in their cross-border activities.

To achieve this, companies need access to accessible professionals in each country.

GGI – Geneva Group International, is a global alliance of well-established and experienced law firms, consultants, and attorneys committed to providing clients with specialized solutions for their international business requirements.