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Corporate Governance

Governance Bodies

Guerrero Santana’s advisory services are founded on the most up-to-date knowledge of current international trends and frameworks, and focused on establishing governance bodies that are structured and enabled so as to properly protect the interests of the stakeholders.

Compensation Packages Policies

In the current economic and business environment, executives have great mobility, making it especially important to have a compensation package that allows hiring and retaining of the best personnel without adverse affects on the shareholders’ interests.

We offer advice in defining the top management compensation packages, balancing the interests and needs of the executive with those of the shareholder and organization in general.

Key Performance Indicators

Guerrero Santana designs, selects and implements key performance indicators (KPIs) based on what is important to the company, and the departments of those companies, and we deliver efficient, accurate company-investor communication.

KPIs are a valuable tool for boardroom-level decision-making and stakeholder-level monitoring. Our experts ensure true value by defining which events are controllable and how they are controllable, and by ensuring that management responses to performance measures are aligned with the larger company objectives and policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our clients’ self-regulation with respect to their legal responsibilities, consumers and partners, investors, employees and the local communities within which they operate, can have powerful implications for the safeguarding of an organization’s most essential objectives.

Guerrero Santana’s experts provide integral support in the design and implementation of a healthy, constructive corporate policy that recognizes the importance of how the organization interacts with its environment, and how it is viewed internally and externally.

Our experts in the field

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Consulting Director

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Consulting & Public Relations

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Managing Partner

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