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We ensure tax compliance and tax optimization, we provide the latest analysis and consultation on transfer pricing, and we keep our clients informed of the most recent developments in tax regulation at an international, national and regional level.

Guerrero Santana helps clients to keep track of all tax developments and features of the tax law that allow the double taxation relief, tax reductions, tax credits, and any other conditions that may favor tax residents and non-tax residents alike.

Tax Advisory

A comprehensive, tailored tax strategy is essential for the immediate and long-term health of any business, and this requires in-depth knowledge of not only the latest tax information, but also of the specifics of our clients’ business operations, hopes and concerns.

Guerrero Santana’s tax strategies therefore take into account business and compliance requirements alike, aligning company operations and objectives with the local and international tax landscape.

Guerrero Santana is a specialist in both large-scale projects – such as mergers, acquisitions, and international expansion – and day-to-day practices – such as the local regulations that can influence whether a business lunch is tax-deductible or not.

Transfer Pricing

With Guerrero Santana transfer pricing, companies can fully streamline operations and movements of funds conducted within their organizations, while managing risk with foreknowledge and intelligence.

Recent reforms in Mexico have created new challenges for our clients, but also new opportunities, and our team of financial analysts ensure that our clients’ transfer pricing practices are designed, implemented and managed with full awareness of all the most up-to-date and relevant regional, national and international information.

International Taxation

Guerrero Santana’s international tax experts offer corporations and multinationals the most comprehensive analysis, compliance and consulting services available in Mexico.

Our tax strategies and solutions are rooted in our essential understanding of North American and Latin American tax, business and culture, as well as our extensive international network of partners with whom we collaborate on a daily basis, giving us access to the latest tax information from offices in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Compliance and Reporting Services

With Mexico having recently undergone a wave of fiscal reforms, keeping on top of tax compliance rules while remaining strategically agile has proved a challenge for many local and international companies. It is therefore crucial for any international group in Mexico to benefit from only the most accurate information, and from those experts directly connected with the Mexican fiscal system itself – which at times can be a little perplexing to the uninitiated.

Guerrero Santana helps clients to keep track of all tax developments and features of the tax law that allow for double taxation relief, tax reductions, tax credits, and any other conditions that may favor tax residents and non-tax residents alike.

Our experts in the field

Jose Everardo Rodríguez


Armando Rodríguez


Diana Gamiño


Yadira Navarro


Alejandra Tabarez


Citlalli Andrade

Administration & Economics

Isela Corona


Evaristo Gutiérrez Guerrero


Susana Guillen

Senior Accountant

Andrea Valenzuela


Gilberto Alonso Chávez


Yesenia Andrade

Senior Accountant

Luis Rodrigo Aguilar


Joaquina Ramírez

Senior Accountant

Brissa Cárdenas

Consulting & Public Relations

Gabriel Guerrero

Tax Director

Sergio Guerrero

Managing Partner

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