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Financial Analysis

Through complete financial evaluation and analysis of the company by our finance specialists, we establish a series of indicators and metrics that are vital for directors to make informed decisions.

Some of the main services we provide are:

  • Evaluation of financial results and metrics
  • Financial projections
  • Financing strategy, inventories, and debt policies

Business Consulting

At Guerrero Santana we offer consulting services to companies and businesses at all stages of their lifecycle, from seed phase, through start-up, growth and expansion, to exit strategy.

We work with our clients as closely and as patiently or rapidly as is necessary to ensure that they have the right structures, risk mitigations, strategies and procedures in place throughout all levels of the business.

Guerrero Santana provides detailed analysis of the industry and other external factors, as well as potential Mexican and international investment.

Feasibility Studies

Our profound knowledge and understanding of markets, industries, financial data, tax requirements and legal obligations at a regional level throughout Mexico, allows Guerrero Santana to provide international clients with the most accurate and comprehensive feasibility analyses covering factors such as economic, technical, legal, market and others.

Business Plans

The business plan is often one of the most important tools for a new company, and at Guerrero Santana we help our clients formulate plans taking into account their short and long-term objectives and aspirations, the audience – whether investor or director, and the most suitable formats for presentation.

Our clients’ business plans may require feasibility studies, market research for product development, or key decision-making benchmarks, and they may require a five-year plan, a three-year plan, or a horizon-strategy plan.

With our analysis of economic, financial, regulatory, labor and tax issues in Mexico and internationally, our clients are able to establish key objectives, minimize risk, and proceed to the next phase of their company’s development with confidence and structure.

Our experts in the field

Ana Livia Ruiz Velasco


Mauricio Ramos

Consulting Director

Alonso Chávez


Luis Rodrigo Aguilar


Sandra Aello

Administration & Consulting

Brissa Cárdenas

Consulting & Public Relations

Gabriel Guerrero

Tax Director

Sergio Guerrero

Managing Partner

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