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Expansion Services

Expansion Services

Many multinational companies from a huge range of industries are looking to expand their operations to Mexico, but setting up offices, establishing or relocating a workforce, and communicating with local authorities is a tremendous upheaval in a foreign country.

Guerrero Santana has the local and international knowledge to offer precisely the assistance that overseas companies in Mexico need to make sure that this process – from location studies to visas and passports, and from tax planning to product distribution – is as efficient and straightforward as possible.

Starting Up Business in Mexico

There are all kinds of reasons why companies choose to expand their operations to Mexico, but despite the many benefits available to an overseas company looking for new opportunities in a growing and exciting economy such as Mexico’s, starting up business on foreign soil can be a challenging experience.

For that reason, Guerrero Santana offers specialized expansion services for companies entering Mexico. Whether an automotive multinational establishing a plant in Guanajuato, a food and drink manufacturer starting up business in Guadalajara, an IT and software specialist in Tijuana, or a mining corporation considering investment in Monterrey, we offer a range of services designed to inform, kick-start and advance your operations in Mexico.

Business Star-up Analytics

Our specialists provide essential market trends analyses for new businesses to Mexico, including insight into the competitive environment, potential risks, hotspots of opportunity, and economic and legislative developments.

Additionally, we provide assessment of the best locations for your business interests and objectives, and expert advice on Mexican legal requirements and processes, compliance regulations, and tax structuring.

Practical Legal Support and Local Knowledge

Navigating your way through the various Mexican authorities requires region-specific experience and know-how. Guerrero Santana’s lawyers provide expert support on registration, licensing, and visa and migration matters.

We will guide you through the proper registration of your patents, trademarks and copyrights, ensuring full protection in all specialized areas.

Additionally, we provide essential support on the recruitment of your workforce in Mexico, offering guidance through the process of determining your target criteria, sourcing skilled labor, hiring and training, and drawing up of contracts.

Systems, Controls and Strategy

Guerrero Santana provides assistance with standardized software for tax reporting purposes and advisory and auditing services so that your practices and operations in Mexico are fully compliant and optimized.

Furthermore, our team of transfer pricing and international tax experts provide the best structures for the movement of funds and repatriation of earnings.

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