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Public Affairs

Public Affairs

With a team of specialists, Guerrero & Santana advises executive teams, board of directors, and their legal, financial, and public affairs advisors in leveraging public affairs and government relations strategies to meet the demands of Mexico’s political reality. We help clients with their stakeholders’ agendas, delivering results and protecting their value.

We’ve help companies’ expansion in Mexico by designing strategies, developing governmental procedures, and consulting and advising companies on public affairs.

We engage stakeholders to explain organizational policies and views on Mexico’s public policy issues. Guerrero & Santana provides statistical and factual information and lobby on issues that can impact upon the organization’s ability to operate successfully.

Assisting clients by providing government and public affairs services between Mexico and other countries, we provide with one of the highest levels on senior government, business, and nongovernment stakeholders.

We achieve each client’s specific objectives by:

  • Designing and implementing public affair strategies, related to public policies, political issues, and licensing processes.
  • Conducting public policies and legal analyses to help our clients act locally.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders.

Our experts in the field

Mauricio Ramos

Consulting Director

Alonso Chávez


Brissa Cárdenas

Consulting & Public Relations

Sergio Guerrero

Managing Partner

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