Guerrero Santana | Tax, Legal, Audit & Consulting

Paulo Ibarra

Audit Manager

Graduated in Public Accounting from the University of Guadalajara, he has several achievements in Taxes, Tax Training, Government Accounting, Financial Reporting Standards and Auditing. Graduated from a master’s degree in administration with Orientation to Finance, in addition to having preparation in Tax Reforms and various semester courses of professional update.

He has experience in different Accounting Firms in the area of accounting and auditing for various types of entities, such as private initiative, government, sales audits of entities, internal control audit (Coso System) as well as inventory audits.

Expert in accounting-tax advice to clients and external and internal audit. He currently works at Guerrero & Santana in Accounting, Administrative, Tax, Audit and Legal Firm, performing various types of activities within the audit area. In addition to being a leader in his area, supervise and train the audit team.